Brian A. McClendon
Candidate for Secretary of State

BAM is an engineer and a business founder

He co-founded Keyhole, the startup that became Google Earth. As VP of Engineering, he built the teams behind Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View and Google Local Search. At Uber, he advanced mapping services to support self-driving cars.

He was inducted into The National Academy of Engineering and honored for his work by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the American Geographical Society, and the United Nations Environmental Programme.

BAM is a Kansan

Brian is the product of Kansas public education and, for over a decade, he has given STEM talks to schools and organizations across the state. He is an ardent supporter of education in Kansas and is now a research professor at his alma mater, KU.

He co-founded the nonprofit which allows citizens of Kansas to complete voter registration or advance ballot requests in about 3 minutes from their mobile phones.

BAM is qualified for the job

The Kansas Secretary of State maintains online publications and business registration systems. It is responsible for securing the personal information of voters in Kansas, and the 20+ states that participate in Crosscheck. Most importantly, it oversees the security of elections and election systems. The tools of this job are technical. The decisions are technical. Kansas needs a Secretary of State who is qualified for the job.

BAM's Priorities

Elections & Voting

The Secretary of State should focus on increasing the number of eligible citizens registered to vote and facilitating access to voting for citizens. It should promote voter participation and a non-partisan understanding of the voting process, the candidates and the issues in question. It should take intelligent steps to secure our elections and to defend the personal information of citizens from the 20+ states that participate in Crosscheck.

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Technical Competence

The Kansas Secretary of State has a duty to secure our elections, protect our voting rights, and safeguard voter & business data. Too many states have been hacked by foreign agents. Too many eligible Kansans have been discouraged or blocked from voting by poorly designed systems here at home. Our elections can be both secure AND accessible. These are technical problems with technical solutions. Kansas needs a Secretary of State who is fluent in tech and BAM speaks that language.

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Business, Jobs & Innovation

The Office of the Secretary of State has a duty to register businesses operating in Kansas, but it should aim to reduce the friction involved in starting a business. Starting a business is hard enough, the State of Kansas shouldn’t make it harder. BAM has founded several companies and managed teams of thousands. He understands the concerns of the business community and can be a key partner in attracting and retaining jobs here in Kansas.

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