Videos and news articles covering BAM’s campaign, career and volunteer work.

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2018/10/14Kansas Secretary of State voting machine records sketchyThe Hutchinson NewsArticle2018-10-14 14:28:44
2018/10/13C-J Election guide: Meet Brian McClendon, running for Kansas secretary of stateTopeka Capital-JournalArticle2018-10-13 14:27:02
2018/10/11Patrick R. Miller: What is race for Kansas secretary of state about? Kris KobachTopeka Capital-JournalArticle2018-10-11 13:50:16
2018/10/05Power to prosecute illegal voting doesn’t belong with secretary of stateTopeka Capital JournalArticle2018-10-05 12:44:09
2018/10/02BAM – A Qualified Kansan for Secretary of StateJohn W. Carlin​. ​61st Speaker of the Kansas House, 40th Governor of Kansas, 8th Archivist of …Article2018-10-02 17:14:27
2018/09/16Capitol Insider podcast: Brian McClendon plans to increase voter turnout in Kansas as secretary of state.The Topeka Capital JournalArticle2018-09-16 19:55:44
2018/09/14More Than A Politician, McClendon Brings New Perspective to KS Secretary of State Race.Tiger Media Network, Fort Hays UniversityArticle2018-09-14 19:54:08
2018/09/11Ellis County Dems open field office.The Hays Daily NewsArticle2018-09-11 23:54:56
2018/09/02New tool helps Kansas voters with advance voting., Video2018-09-02 16:43:50
2018/08/27Brian McClendon talks Google Maps, youth software training at Cosmosphere.The Hutchinson NewsArticle2018-08-27 17:30:52
2018/08/01Candidate McClendon seeks to improve voter registration, security through technology.The Hays PostArticle2018-08-01 00:04:06
2018/08/01McClendon: Paper ballot backup, better voting machines can ensure election security.The Hays Daily NewsArticle2018-08-01 00:02:11
2018/07/30What is the benefit of mail-in ballots?The CampaignVideo2018-07-30 16:17:47
2018/07/19Want to know more about Brian McClendon? Wondering who BAM is? Brian talks a bit about his background on this video.The CampaignVideo2018-07-19 16:16:25
2018/07/19Brian “BAM” McClendon is running for Kansas Secretary of State because he is uniquely qualified to secure our elections and our personal information.The CampaignVideo2018-07-19 16:11:28
2018/07/17A profile of Brian’s thoughts on secure voting and election policy.Topeka Capital JournalArticle2018-07-17 13:54:23
2018/07/13The kick-off of a weeklong effort to encourage voter registration and voter engagement in KCK.The Wyandotte DailyArticle2018-07-13 00:15:19
2018/07/05Brian responds to a question about the roles and responsibilities of the Secretary of State.The CampaignVideo2018-07-05 16:09:40
2018/06/26Doug Walker, “You are probably one of the most knowledgeable candidates that I’ve seen.”The CampaignVideo2018-06-26 16:06:02
2018/06/21Ingrams’ 2018 List of Kansans You Should Know.Ingram’sArticle2018-06-21 17:57:13
2018/06/21OpEd: Your right to vote doesn’t come from the secretary of state.The Kansas City StarArticle2018-06-21 03:38:08
2018/06/21A BAM Chat @ Gravel City Roasters.The Emporia GazetteArticle2018-06-21 01:41:43
2018/06/08Brian McClendon helped Erin merge the business and scientific aspects of her innovating work. Brian shares his passion for STEM learning and careers with Erin and students across Kansas.The CampaignVideo2018-06-08 16:01:03
2018/06/05“He’s intriguingly outside-the-box…makes this contest more competitive than usual for the Jayhawk State.” Governing MagazineArticle2018-06-05 15:39:24
2018/06/03Brian talks voting, hacking & business priorities.Abilene Reflector ChronicleArticle2018-06-03 16:51:51
2018/05/19We must take the threat of Russian interference in our elections seriously. We have to be ready and our tech must be effective.The CampaignVideo2018-05-19 17:55:01
2018/05/18Why Brian is running for Kansas Secretary of State, 2018.The CampaignVideo2018-05-18 08:43:23
2018/05/17Brian officially entered the race for Kansas Secretary of State on May 8.The Marysville AdvocateArticle2018-05-17 19:01:11
2018/04/26What does Brian have in common with Bob Dole & Sally Ride? Distinguished Kansan of the Year, 2007.Topeka Capital-JournalArticle2018-04-26 20:47:54
2018/04/25Kate Dinneen has known Brian since he was 5. “He gets things done.”The CampaignVideo2018-04-25 14:43:30
2018/04/25Another reason Brian is running: The current Sec’y of State was found in contempt of court.Topeka Capital JournalArticle2018-04-25 14:30:23
2018/04/25Brian shares his best career advice with Salina High School students.Salina JournalArticle2018-04-25 14:27:34
2018/02/28Brian speaks to engineering students at Pittsburg State about tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation.The Morning Sun, PittsburgArticle2018-02-28 16:07:04
2018/02/26The “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” hosted Brian at the Pittsburg Public Library.Four States Homepage, PittsburgArticle, Video2018-02-26 16:33:29
2018/01/24Brian’s been working on an app to make Kansas voter registration less painful. 02:48:54
2018/01/23Brian McClendon to run for Kris Kobach’s job.Kansas City StarArticle2018-01-23 22:00:32
2018/01/22Former Uber executive running for Kansas secretary of state.Washington PostArticle2018-01-22 23:14:44
2018/01/22As Crosscheck Moves to Secure Voter Data, Hacking Fears Grow Among Experts and Politicians.GizmodoArticle2018-01-22 22:13:51
2018/01/22Brian McClendon announces his candidacy for Kansas Secretary of State.Topeka Capital-JournalVideo2018-01-22 22:12:41
2018/01/22Brian McClendon running for Kansas Secretary of State.BloombergArticle2018-01-22 22:07:20
2018/01/22Lawrence’s Brian McClendon to run for KS secretary of state.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2018-01-22 22:02:42
2018/01/22Brian McClendon running for office.TechCrunchArticle2018-01-22 21:58:20
2018/01/22The exec who put Kansas at center of Google Earth is running to control Kansas’s next election.QuartzArticle2018-01-22 14:23:29
2018/01/22Man who put Kansas at the center of Google Earth running for Kansas Secretary of State.The Daily Dot, WyandotteArticle2018-01-22 12:25:42
2018/01/22Former Uber, Google exec to run for Kansas secretary of state.The HillArticle2018-01-22 12:24:13
2018/01/22Private info for hundreds of Kansas voters exposed by Florida.Kansas City StarArticle2018-01-22 07:15:30
2018/01/17Tackling Public Transit Is Next Up On Kansas City Chamber’s Big 5 List.KCURArticle2018-01-17 00:46:05
2017/11/29Would you give up your car to Uber to work in a flying car?The Hays PostArticle2017-11-29 00:42:12
2017/11/27American Geographical Society Awards O.M. Miller Medal to Mr. Brian McClendon.American Geographical SocietyArticle2017-11-27 00:53:31
2017/11/03Google Earth creator speaks to local Pittsburg students.KSN16 & KODEVideo2017-11-03 00:37:40
2017/04/14Google Earth creator, former Uber exec returns to KU as research professor.The University Daily KansanArticle2017-04-14 21:12:27
2017/04/12Brian joins the University of Kansas as research professor.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2017-04-12 21:11:20
2016/09/13Speaking at Sprint Accelerator in Kansas City.Startland NewsArticle2016-09-13 00:08:17
2015/10/28Dedication of McClendon Atrium.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2015-10-28 23:39:02
2015/10/17Uber will change the world, company exec and KU alum says during KC talk.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2015-10-17 21:10:05
2015/10/14Software engineer to receive honorary degree from KU.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2015-10-14 23:56:32
2015/10/05National Academy of Engineering Induction Ceremony.National Academy of EngineeringVideo2015-10-05 22:28:32
2014/07/18Brian shares his childhood memories of the Lawrence Public Library.Lawrence Public LibraryVideo2014-07-18 20:54:43
2013/12/11Google Santa Tracker, 10th Anniversary.FastCompanyArticle2013-12-11 22:08:05
2013/09/18Brian was honored by the United Nations Environment Programme.United Nations Environment ProgrammeVideo2013-09-18 20:52:48
2012/12/09Meet Google’s Mr Maps.Sydney Morning HeraldArticle2012-12-09 20:51:41
2011/09/12Google VP gives away tablets to KU engineering students.Lawrence Journal WorldVideo2011-09-12 20:51:05
2011/09/12KU students get a surprise from Google Earth co-creator.41 Action NewsVideo2011-09-12 20:37:07
2011/05/26National Geographic Bee shows Chesty Lion pride.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2011-05-26 22:19:28
2011/05/12Lawrence Schools Foundation Gift from Google exec a ‘nice surprise’.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2011-05-12 22:24:04
2008/09/05Brian speaking at the Lawrence Community Education Breakfast.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2008-09-05 20:50:09
2008/01/03The Orange Bowl Introduction.Fox Broadcasting CompanyVideo2008-01-03 21:27:02
2007/02/24Engineering Expo shows how dreams are designed, built.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2007-02-24 21:18:50
2006/07/31Hurricane Katrina Recognition Award from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.GoogleArticle2006-07-31 21:17:23
2005/12/21Brian made his hometown the center of Google Earth.Lawrence Journal WorldArticle2005-12-21 21:03:39